Tons of boring guys? Think again...

Trust us when we say it...We know that there are LOTS of crazy guys out there. Dick pics are just an understatement.

We understand that finding "good guys" on social media sites can be a bummer. With over 100 messages in your inbox, most guys would assume that it's easy to simply pick a guy and date him, but the process is more intricate than that. Things get even messier when you're a girl with a mission 💲💲. But we're here to change that...


You're familiar with them. You enjoy their perks. But getting genuine ones is difficult. Not anymore


If you want to get spoilt, just tell us and we will hook you up with guys who don't mind treating you.

Peace of Mind

We want you to enjoy life. Not wake up everyday to swipe left on a dating app.

Fun should be priority one

Be in the company of people who actually like your kind of fun or around the kind of activities you're into. Only Twilight Party can make that happen

Remember, we're not gods, so we can only do so much to help you get awesome people to hang out with. The rest will have to be done by you. That includes smiling and desisting from the reviled "blue ticks".

One thing to remember. There will still be pervs all over. Sadly, even on our platform. As much as we will do our best to get rid of them, you should also be wary. Only insist on public places if you are to meet.

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We've got all the right kind of people on Twilight Party. You're only bound by your limits. Experience adventure like never before.



You can't live in a world of opportunities without creating unforgettable memories. However, you can do so much on our platform. Contact us to find out more.



No pesky 100+ messages from us. You decide how active you'd like to be or how covert you would want your profile to be. Your privacy is important to us too.

What we are not

If you're quick to anger, impatient, or even easily repulsed, we might have a heard time finding the perfect match for you. We know most guys can be a-holes, but you never really know who's behind the phone.

This is not your traditional dating site. Most of the things you'll come across here will mostly be adult-themed but greatly regulated so that we don't pass off as a porn site. If, on the other hand, you are an open-minded girl, head over to our Telegram Channel.

What are you waiting for? Join us!