Who is A Slay Queen? The Kenyan Definition

Slay queens. Classy sexy girls.
Know how to tell apart a Kenyan slay queen? Well, today you will!

Chances are you’ve probably heard it a couple of times subconsciously. If you regularly watch the local TV stations in Kenya, there are high chances you stumbled on a Faiba JTL (An Internet Service Provider) ad that loosely depicts a slay queen.

In the ad, Mbugua, the big guy, criticizes the waitress for being a slay queen. Well, apart from the short dress and the quick-to-discriminate attitude, there’s really not much about the lady that can make her a “slay queen”. In fact, if she were, she’d probably be seated right next to Mbugua!

So, Who Is a Slay Queen in Kenya?

Slay queens are young, egoistic girls who pride themselves in appearing classy and “living the life” even when they have nothing of their own in reality.

Garnering followers on social media is one of their day jobs. However, their end goal is usually to land on some rich guy who will spoil them and buy them even more fancier stuff so that they can maintain their “classy” status. In return, the slay queens give sexual favours to these rich guys. As much as it looks like a money for sex affair, most slay queens deny that it is. After all, it’s always all about lifestyle!

Characteristics of A Kenyan Slay Queen

So, how can you tell apart a Kenyan slay queen? It’s rather easy especially if you are in Nairobi, but bear in mind that these characteristics mostly apply to Kenya. If you do meet other ladies with the same characteristics abroad, don’t be so quick to put them in the slay queen category.

Lavish Lifestyle

Kenyan slay queens want to live the lavish lifestyle. Anything that is classy and cool is worth their time. Taking her to one of Nairobi’s fast food restaurants like Sonford Fish and Chips might land you in an unpleasant place. She would instantly tell you how she prefers more high end places. True, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s all a mockery when she cannot afford to pay for the meals herself.

Of course there are others who after years of expertise can comfortably pay for their meals and even yours, but they will now have higher goals than simply having dinner at an expensive restaurant. Talk of holidays to exotic places.

The same goes for where they choose to party. Only high end clubs will apply to them. This mostly depends on their ranks as well. Just mention B-Club and you’ll have their eyes rolling. If they are just starting their slay queen journey, you will most likely find them in the regular clubs. However, after talking to them, you’ll soon realize their egos cannot be contained in regular clubs.

Active On Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, any lady who is active on social media is not a slay queen. You would have to really analyse their intentions to know if they are slay queens or not. These are some of the things that you should look for:

  • Outrageous poses with legs twisted
  • They never fail to pout their lips in most cases
  • Their photos depict a “my life is better than yours” in most instances
  • Heavy make-up
  • Filters are in most cases used. You can always tell the photos took effort

In any case, if after seeing one of their photos on social media, it’s very easy to start questioning whether you are really living your life to the fullest. A slay queen will wake up and post how she had breakfast in bed in Serena Beach Resort & Spa while you are having yesterday’s leftovers. Don’t fall for it. It’s just a façade!


Ever met a girl from hell? You probably haven’t if you’ve never bumped into a slay queen. Kenyan slay queens judge you according to your social status. How do they know your social status anyway?

  • You have a classy-ish vehicle
  • You have a classy but relaxed dressing style
  • You live in a classy neighbourhood
  • You hang out with "big" people

The above are just some of the few things that they can use to categorise you. It’s not conclusive and its also not a true measure of worth, but it does give you some insight on how they decide who is worth their time.

If you are a guy and couldn’t check most of the checkboxes in that list, you are likely to be greeted with the average Kenyan slay queen attitude.

  • Ignoring your messages on social media. They will simply “blue-tick” your messages and leave you hanging
  • Cannot wait for you to arrive to a date. She would rather you wait on her
  • Might refuse to visit you in the less classy neighbourhoods.
  • Will mostly attempt to lower your ego and make you look unworthy if you did not meet some or all of the criterions in the checklist
  • They will have a very strange accent. Foreigners, trust us when we say this, regular Kenyan girls or even Nairobi girls DO NOT speak like slay queens. Their fake accents also astonish us
  • In most cases, they cannot keep up intellectual conversations.

Are Kenyan Slay Queens Worth the Trouble?

14 Slay Queens Equal 1 Samantha

We didn’t say it. They did! 14 slay queens are the equivalent of one sex doll called Samantha. In other words, it is much better to cut your losses and get a $5000 sex doll than waste your money on slay queens. Well, $5000 is still a tall order for regular Joes like us, and that is why we would rather stick to local hook-ups, massage parlours, and even escorts. The main reason slay queens choose to live lavish lifestyles and take crazy photos is simply to get the attention of rich guys who will “take care” of them. However, there are risks involved, and it all depends with the amount of risk you are willing to take. Twilight Party has now made it easier to cut to the chase when all you need is a date for an important meeting or someone fun to be around.