Benefits of Being a Kenyan Mistress

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Forbidden fruits taste sweetest, right? Not always according to Kenyan mistresses

I literally had to chat with some mistresses to get their side of things with regard to dating married men. Call it awful, unethical, and sinister, but the truth is that it is happening all over Kenya. Who knows? It might even be happening right inside your home. However, with so much hate and disgust towards these “husband snatchers”, people tend to overlook some of the reasons why they cling onto married men in the first place. Sure, money might be a big motivator, but as they reveal, the perks of being a mistress in Kenya are pretty huge.

Janet’s Saturday morning was a nightmare. Her intimate time with Baba Jeff had been so amazing that she forgot to wake him up to head home. With all the sexual starvation he had gone through, Janet was her solace and place of comfort, and she equally retaliated the same gesture. Amidst the hurried dressing, she forgot to deal with the hickeys that were all over his neck, and that’s where the drama started.

Me being a girl, I couldn’t understand why she would even go after married men in the first place. There are some pretty energetic dudes out here who would fling their manhood at a moment’s notice and handle her well enough. However, hers was more of a thrill. She went on to tell me four things that make her go back to that lifestyle

You Get a Great Lover

I don’t know about married men, but Janet hinted that her married guy was one of the best lovers she has ever had. It is widely known that men have roles to play in their house. Taking out the trash, paying the bills, fixing broken sinks, and being a father to the children. Not much, if you ask me, but what happens when the same guy goes to the mistress’s home? All the chores and tasks do not exist. Only one does – In the bedroom!


On top of that, married men are usually the punching bags for their wives. Janet revealed that more than several occasions, Baba Jeff came home and simply wanted a good time. After the endless “You didn’t notice my new haircut?” arguments, married guys take these things into account and use them on women who will appreciate them. Their mistresses! Since his only role with the mistress is sex, be sure he will outperform.

You Get a Spicy Relationship

Women are always looking for excitement in relationships. Almost all the women in this post had an element of boredom in their relationships. Mistresses have tasted both worlds and thus know what fun is when they see it. Janet insists that opening doors for her and pulling her chair for her in restaurants might be charming but might not do the trick. She wants the thrill of knowing that what she’s doing might not be right but still fun.

In fact, any chance of sex you get with him is always worth the trouble. Janet’s escapades have made her enjoy her steamy sex in the car, in the office, and even in the married guy’s home! To me, that’s too daring and could even blow up their cover.

No Gamophobia

If you are the kind that fears commitments, a Mistress title might suit you. So long as you both keep your distances and play your roles, you can live the life you wanted. However, Janet also offers a word of caution. She insists that stepping over the line is pretty easy depending on how good you are with your role play. Men are attracted to women who care less about them. Professional escorts have received endless marriage proposals from married men despite the fact they know that these escorts have been with many men. So what makes them tick?


Men love that sense of mystery in women. That involves not giving in to all their requests, but occasionally showing them that they mean a lot to you. If you play this game too long, there are chances they might start falling in love with you and mess up the whole thing.

You Get Endless Gifts

Janet has only been with Baba Jeff. As much as she gets gifts now and then, I wouldn’t call rent and shopping hefty cash drainers. On top of that, Janet is not the kind of woman who simply went into the relationship for money. She wanted the thrill and that’s why her lover keeps showering her with gifts. Some women out here always believe that they should be receiving gifts for all sexual favours they offer their men, but that’s what turns them off in the first place. However, if you are in it for the money, you need not show it. Instead, you only have to be the hottest and most understanding Miss Independent out there!

There’s a downside to this lifestyle and it’s no secret. Amidst everything, you should always be ready for disappointments even after planning weeks ahead. You might have the perfect cover for going to a nice place in Nakuru or Naivasha for a weekend getaway. However, that might be the same day his son falls ill and he needs to be physically present. On top of that, you will never fill the spot of his wife unless you really want to go down that path. Breaking someone else’s marriage is another thing too. You need to be prepared to live and breathe as a secret despite the many awesome times you’ve had with him. All this while, you won’t be getting any younger too, and the possibility of a future with him is never going to happen. In case anything blows up before both of you call it quits, you will have to deal with your damaged reputation and he might have to deal with a divorce.


So, is all of it worth it in the end? Well, that depends on the kind of mistress you want to become. If you’re after money and a lavish lifestyle, it might be worth your while, but the happiness might not last that long. You’re better off finding a single guy and building something together with him, and that’s where our hook-ups come in handy. Visit our Telegram channel to find out more