Are You Harbouring A Materialistic Girlfriend?

Classy woman holding many shopping bags
Materialistic girlfriends - They claim they're not materialistic, but their actions speak louder

Try asking your girlfriend “Are you materialistic?” and you’ll not have a peaceful weekend. Not only will the question be an insult, but the tables will be turned and be against you! I’ve seen a couple of friends struggle with this kind of thing, but hey… It’s not my problem. It’s one thing being a gold digger in Nairobi, and it’s a totally different thing being a materialistic girlfriend. Gold diggers are easy to spot, but materialistic girlfriends know how to cover their tracks. One would think they learnt the art of inception!

You Cover 80% of Her Expenses


Ouch! 80% is a lot considering you’re buying things for a woman. This is even worse if she takes you to stores like Woolmart and the likes. In fact, I always find this ironical since day in day out, girls are fighting for equal rights, and the boy child is getting pushed to the side. However, if it is a matter of expenses, you still have to foot the bills! Hear me out guys. If the spending in your house accounts to 80% while she accounts for 20% of the spending, you might have a materialistic girlfriend. A 60-40 ratio is much better.

She Accepts Classy Gifts from Male Friends

This is a sure sign you need to start packing your bags and leave. In Nairobi, when your girlfriend starts coming home with expensive gifts, then you know a “fisi” (hyena) is trailing her. I’m not saying that accepting gifts from other dudes is a bad thing, but it speaks tons about her character. On top of that, there will come a time when the same guys will start seeking favours in return. Run before it’s too late my brother!

She’s Super Loving When She Needs Something

At night when you’re trying to get jiggy with her, she pushes your hand away, but when she wants you to buy her that Michael Kors handbag, she suddenly becomes very loving. This is just wrong! You need to set your priorities straight. This is not true love. In Kenya, most people stereotype certain tribes for having women of this kind, but you should never let your guard down for anyone!


She Cares Less About Your Financial Struggles

She doesn’t want to know that you have a car loan or a mortgage that’s eating you up. All she wants to see is a lavish life because her friends are being treated better than you are treating her. Best thing to tell her in this case is to go and get married to her friends’ husbands so that she can receive the best of both worlds. Her love for the material life should be the last thing you need to think about.

Moods Change When You Don’t Give In

Refused to take her out to that fancy restaurant and she seemed moody for the rest of the day? That’s a sure sign your favours mean a lot to her than her love for you. If she’s only really happy when her requests are approved, then you might be harbouring a materialistic woman. I agree that almost anyone can feel awful when his/her requests are not considered. However, if that person’s happiness only comes when you do nice things for him/her, chances are they are materialistic.

We honestly won’t say that everyone on our platform is not materialistic. Different people have different reasons for asking certain things. In some of the Telegram channels that claim to hookup people, men and women alike openly say that they are willing to “appreciate” whoever will have a sexual relationship with them. But does that account to materialism? Certainly not.