Are Escorts Sites Any Better Than Traditional Dating Sites?

Girl in a sexy black latex outfit
Escort sites are growing in number, but can they help you get a date faster?

For most people, having a good time means spending it with someone who is friendly and open to your suggestions. Most importantly, they need to be sexually responsive. Today, dating sites have evolved to become the perfect platforms for people from different backgrounds to interact. While finding good girls has become a daunting prospect for most men today, it is still possible to find decent girls on dating sites. However, the surplus of dating sites equally introduces something else - pride! We all know of at least one or two people who used to talk to us on Facebook while it was still the in-thing, but now that they're called "Suzzie Da B**ch Boss" on Facebook, you really have nothing to talk about anymore. What makes Twilight Party any different, you ask? Read on. Today we compare.

What Are Your Needs?

First off, you need to be honest about how you benefit from social media. If you simply go to Facebook or Twitter to find out the latest trends, we really can’t argue there. However, if social media is your go-to place for finding dates and one-night stands in Kenya, you might have a difficult time than you imagined.


There are, of course, some chances that you can land on a decent girl or guy on social media, but you would have to spend time and money. In most cases, you will be left wondering if you’ll ever “get some” along the way. At Twilight Party, we’ve reduced that time by literally 90%. Here, we are honest about our needs, and thus there is no need to beat around the bush. If you need an exquisite date for a night, you’ll surely find someone worth your time.

We Let You Be You

No more “what if’s”. If you’re looking for kinky girls in Nairobi, there’s no more need to shy away from asking. On social media, the scene is very different since you might end up being judged for nothing while there are hundreds other people who are willing to give you a great time. We equally strive to know as little about you as we can. That way, you maintain your privacy, and we do what we do best – linking people with similar sexual or romantic interests.

Your Money Talks

Let’s be honest, dates equally cost money. If you are looking for something long-term, it’s worth it to go the extra mile for that guy or girl, but for something short-term, it’s much better to spend a fraction. Professional escorts don’t come free. They dictate their prices. However, we are aware that there are escort sites in Nairobi where you might end up getting someone totally different from the one you saw in the photos. We make that process easy for you. Most ad profiles listed on our site will indicate whether the person has listed their authentic photos or not.

All in all, it really depends with what you want at the end of the day. If you are looking for fun and excitement without spending lots of time and money, escort sites would be the best way to go, but if you’re prepped for the long haul, social media would suit you.