5 Clues She's Totally Faking Her Orgasms - Kenyan Ladies Speak Out

Girl smiling on bed with her legs up the wall
Knowing how to tell a real vs. a fake orgasm is crucial in sexually pleasing girls in Kenya

My friend Susan recently confessed something very troubling to me. She said that in all her campus years, she never once had a decent orgasm. She described most of the guys she went out with as “Ben 10’s” in bed. She adds on that “They would just push and pull most of the time. That was not sex.” Does it mean that girls in Nairobi do not orgasm? Certainly not, but there are a bunch.

Susan is not alone in this journey. Beryl, Sasha’s close bisexual girlfriend also admits that it is one of the reasons that made her bisexual. She insists that guys have no idea about what is right and what is wrong in the bedroom. To cover up their disappointments, they all agree that loud moaning during sex is usually their best scapegoat. Rather than make the sex bad for the guys, they prefer to moan and simply get over the sex.

What Should You Do?

I cannot delve into their suggestions of an “amazing sex experience” in this post. Their responses were totally mind-blowing, and I don’t think it can all fit in here. However, most of them emphasised on the following:

  • Foreplay makes a lot of difference. Take a lot of time in foreplay
  • Try to be spontaneous. Sex on the bed everyday might become boring
  • Focus on quality and not quantity. Your 3-hour stamina means nothing if they don’t climax
  • Ease up and comment on the things you love during sex. You literally have to speak out
  • Be passionate during sex. Kiss, hold, and touch like it was the last time you’ll have that moment

How Can I Tell She’s Faking It?

Most Kenyan ladies might not openly tell you when you’re doing it wrong. As they would rather speed up the sex and hop off after you have climaxed, they resort to some very clever methods.

She “Came” After You Asked Her

If you fall for this, it’s high time you know that the orgasm was a sham. Rushing your partner to orgasm is a big NO if you want her to orgasm. Hookers usually use the same tactic to kill men’s moods during sex so that they can hop off to the next client. Professional escorts, however, might be slightly understanding. So, keep questions like “did you come” to yourself and focus on making the sex great.

You Skipped Foreplay

Many might disagree with this, but skipping foreplay is a sure way to end up with a fake orgasm. Research shows that foreplay should typically last for 15-20 minutes. However, there are women who are fine with anything less than that as they can get orgasms from penetration. Sexual foreplay does wonders to a woman’s body. You might want to try oral sex while you’re at this too.

Her “Orgasm” Was Different

Was it more dramatic than usual? You were definitely hitting the wrong spot. Anne from Kasarani says that on experiencing a real orgasm, her whole body shakes and she cannot be contained for more than a minute. Once again, if the moans are suddenly louder and she’s more vocal in a way that would suggest you should climax soon, she might be faking it. In contrast, to tell if it’s a true orgasm, she will most probably lack the words to express the feeling. Her body will contract, and she will lay still in bed for some minutes before saying anything.

Zero Recovery Time

That’s right, if she didn’t lay still in bed without uttering a word, she definitely had an orgasm. However, if after “climaxing”, she reached out for her phone and went straight to Instagram, that’s a sure sign of a fake orgasm. Most of the times, you need not ask if she came. You’ll clearly see everything on her face. Sandra complains that the smirk on his boyfriend's face always pisses him off especially when she didn't climax. However, she manages to put up a fake smile which he seemingly cannot interpret as sexual disappointment.

She Wants to Change the Rules

Believe it or not, even Kenyan slay queens would not keep quiet when you are not doing things right. Girls will most likely come clean when they realise that you didn’t have a clue. If she starts saying things like “you should twist your body more often”, it’s a clear sign that past sexual experiences were not good enough.

Of course, there are other things that Kenyan women consider for a pleasant sexual experience. These may include a fat penis and lots of stamina during sex. However, rules can always be changed. So long as you can make her climax with the little you’ve got, you definitely have her attention!