Frequently Asked Questions

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Short answer: No

You could think of the Twilight Party as a platform where you can find all kinds of partners faster than you would on social media sites. The problem with social media today is that you might offend someone if you're looking for certain kinds of people. For example, if you want a quick hookup, you're more likely to be disappointed on sites like Facebook or Tinder than you will be on Twilight Party. We strive to collect like-minded people.

Well, simply kick it off by creating an account. You can do so by visiting our registration page and filling in the form. Remember to fill in authentic information.

Once you are done with that, click on the Create Ad button on the left sidebar you can choose from 4 options:

  1. Escort Ad
  2. Hookup Ad (Coming Soon)
  3. Parlor Ad (Coming Soon)
  4. Promotional Ad (Coming Soon)

Oops!... Actually, you can only choose one of the options currently. Much of the information is pre-filled to make the process easy for you. Fill in as much information as you can regarding yourself or regarding what you are looking for and submit the ad.

From there, you can preview your ad and then finalize by paying for the listing (you'll see the instructions when you get there). After payment, we'll process your listing and notify you once we have approved it. In case your listing is not approved, your payment will be refunded.

Short answer

It can help you get a girlfriend, regular flings, a date, a sugar mummy, a friend.

Long answer

Visit this page to see all that you can get from Twilight Party.

Short answer

If you're looking for sponsors or simply general fun, then you should join. If you're a conservative, maybe this might not be it for you.

Long answer

Wow, the long answer is shorter than the short answer! See why you should join here.