About Us

The Past

Way before Facebook, we had things like 2go and Mig33 for those of us who can relate. Of course, they weren't the best, but to be honest, the chances of landing on a slay queen were close to none. Whether you were looking for a date or a companion, you need not put up a profile picture of you against your neigbour's Mercedes so that you can get noticed!

The Now

The Twilight Party returns that control back to you, but only for adults. For those of you who are actively on dating sites like Tinder, Tagged, Badoo, and the likes, you can attest that getting a decent date or even a one-night stand can be a pain in the butt. You'll spend time and money on dates that won't bear any fruit, but now with The Twilight Party, you can finally be you again. We want you to cut to the chase as you interact with other users on our website so that you never have to fall in the friend zone area again.

Are We a Dating Site?

Certainly not. We can't replace dating sites. The Twilight Party is only for people who are bored with that kind of setting. Think of us as the final stop for cases where you simply want a date for a night or someone to have fun with minus strings attached.