The haven of modern day fun for all things erotic. Escorts, one-day flings, parlors, sugar mummies, "sponsees", hookups, or even spicy love. Twilight Party is the way to go for all this and much more..

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So, what exactly is Twilight Party?

Think of us as the ultimate matchmakers who are actually involved in the matchmaking process. The difference? We are not afraid to call things as they are. So, whether you are looking for short-term flings with escorts or even looking for a decent partner, we'll gladly take cupid's place

Find your match

One-time fling? Dating? Long-term relationship? Now it's all in one place

Regard for time

We don't want you spending hours looking for a match. Leave that part to us.

At your comfort

Know everything about potential dates from your own comfort. No spamming.

Endless awesomeness

There's nothing cooler than being yourself, and we are all about that.

What can you expect from Twilight Party?

Short answer: Lots of adult-related fun


Get genuine and even lifelong partners in an "unlikely" place

Sugar Dating

No one is left behind. 18 to 80, anyone is welcome

Classy Partners

Redefine your love-life. Settle for nothing less than classy

Interactive Community

Let your voice be heard. Share your stories with others

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